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A Key Building Block for Effective Leadership Teams

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Having an effective leadership team is central to the success of most organisations. Without ‘top down’ leadership to set a clear direction and tone for the organisation, those working there will struggle to define priorities and to build a cohesive culture. As with any team, there are several elements that enable a team to operate effectively and successfully. However there are additional elements that make building an effective leadership team even more challenging.

Members of leadership teams are usually highly focused on their own area or areas of responsibility. They come to executive team meetings to report on the current activity and results within those areas. Frequently they will ‘switch off’ when other members of the team are reporting on areas they feel are not relevant to them.

Senior teams operating in this way are not operating as real teams, rather as reporting groups. If the executive team wants to operate at a higher level than this, as a true team, they need to address the issue of the team purpose:

  • What is the clear, compelling and collective purpose of the team over and above being a reporting group?
  • What are the interdependencies of team members in respect of this purpose?

Team members need to be clear on and have bought into a shared sense of why they exist as a team and their attitude must be supportive of the team accomplishing its shared objectives.

At Stepshift we work with teams to establish and agree their shared team purpose and the other elements necessary to ensure they can operate at the highest level.

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