Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch

Stepshift’s executive coaching empowers our clients to achieve critical results through enhanced leadership.

Executive coaching with Stepshift provides the bridge between where you are at now and realising your potential. Using our proven executive coaching methodology, we will work with you to:

As highly experienced executive coaches and business people we are pragmatic and results focused. We encourage open, honest enquiry and discussion, we are comfortable to challenge when necessary and always provide structured yet flexible support in seeking improved performance in leadership behaviours and strategies.

Examples of when executive coaching is valuable

  1. Transition coaching: Support and guidance through times of transition
  2. “Upping my game”: Coaching for higher standards of leadership at critical times
  3. Sounding board: An independent and trusted sounding board for leaders at crucial times, helping you to ensure leadership clarity, effective decisions and solutions.
  4. Team leadership: Coaching to develop strong team leadership skills
  5. Change environment: Coaching to lead skilfully in an environment of change.

We are 100% committed to ensuring you succeed. Contact us to discuss your requirements.