Kevin McMahon

Kevin McMahon

Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant

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There are times for leaders, and for businesses, where more of the same will cut it, where business as usual will suffice. There are other periods when you need to achieve something pretty significant. My passion and expertise is partnering with clients during these periods to ensure your leadership lines up with the delivery of your most important goals.

At an individual level this may involve getting beyond challenges or stepping up in a demanding or new role. At a business level it may be a period when significant commercial imperatives related to growth, turnaround or development need to be achieved.

I work with individual leaders, and with businesses, to identify and impact the unique drivers that unlock leadership potential and deliver the desired results. While every individual situation is different, areas often impacted relate to the improved leadership awareness, self-management, relationship management, confidence and behaviours that lead to sustained improvement in leadership performance and influence.

Having a successful background in both business and leadership development allows me to relate effectively to senior clients. The approach I take is tailored, pragmatic and results focused, and my client relationships are independent and confidential.

My work is primarily based in Auckland and Wellington, and it encompasses:

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