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Case Studies

Since our inception in 2003, our focus has been on helping all of our clients achieve their objectives, overcome challenges and grow significantly.

Read some of our case studies below.

Lifting Leadership Performance by Addressing an EQ Gap


Our client, an executive team member, had hit a ceiling in his leadership… READ MORE

New Leader Building Team to Deliver Business Results


Our client team is a senior team in a Financial Services organisation. In a very competitive market the team had been struggling to deliver… READ MORE

Developing a Leadership Culture Within an SME


Our client, the CEO of an established FMCG organisation, wanted to extend the benefit of leadership development to all leaders in the organisation but was concerned about how to achieve this in a… READ MORE

Should I Stay or Should I Go?


A senior Partner at a large professional services firm had lost their motivation and was feeling stressed about possibly moving on. They wanted to make the right decision and to ensure they regained their motivation… READ MORE

Senior Team Dysfunction Limits Business Results


A leading New Zealand health services provider was experiencing significant dysfunction at their senior management team level. Some executives were not working together effectively which was adversely affecting the leadership team, wider staff and business performance… READ MORE

Leadership Constraint to SME Growth


A successful New Zealand SME operating in the services sector was finding business growth was overloading their leadership capacity and capability. This was creating leadership stress and… READ MORE

Developing a High Performance Senior Team


The owner of a very successful SME operating in the rural sector approached us stating, “something is not quite right with our leadership team”. In an industry operating with tight deadlines, significant… READ MORE

Regaining Lost Motivation and Improving Performance


Our client’s KPIs were not being achieved, motivation was down and confidence was at a low level. Their boss, recognising the critical need to turn the situation around… READ MORE

Considering or Starting a New Leadership Role


Commencing a new role, our client recognised that what got her to where she is today would not get her where she wanted to go. Her new leadership role required a more strategic and… READ MORE