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Carmel Byrne

Executive Coach, Facilitator and Leadership Consultant

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T +64 9 419 9824
M +64 27 429 9198

I am a highly experienced coach and facilitator. My approach is commercial, practical and results-focused and I have an ability to quickly understand issues and pinpoint the areas that will deliver best results for my clients.

Whether I’m working with an individual, a team or an organisation, I work to establish a firm understanding of what is important to my client and the outcomes that will signal real success for them. My focus is on facilitating sustainable change and development – not just a one-off win.

My approach combines the foundational areas for individual and team success, such as Emotional Intelligence, with facilitating my clients to build and execute a clear pathway forward for themselves and their people.

My background as a senior commercial lawyer has contributed to my development as an objective, results-focused coach and facilitator with the ability to question and facilitate my clients to move forward with clarity and confidence.

My practice primarily encompasses:

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Critical results through enhanced leadership