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Hints to Improve your Leadership Team Communication

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Leaders can grow themselves and their leadership teams by engaging in open and honest communication.

So what causes a leader or their leadership team to communicate poorly?  Generally there is a agreement about the desirability of good communication. As a leader you know within yourself when something needs to be communicated. What can put us off is the fear of what might happen, but generally it’s not the repercussions of communicating openly we should concern ourselves with, it’s the repercussions of not communicating openly.

Three key steps you can incorporate when communicating openly are:

  1. Outcome. Identify what your outcome is and ensure this has real benefit for the other person. You will want to tell them this outcome when you meet.
  2. Resourcefulness. Get yourself into a good state before meeting with them.
  3. Language. Used future based language. Talk to them about what you would like to see them do in the future rather than what you feel they did wrong, or needs to change, from the past.

Be prepared as a leader to use communication honestly and sometimes courageously, knowing this approach will hold real benefits at an individual, leadership team and organisational level.

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