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Value Yourself: Values as Impetus for Fulfilling Careers

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

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It is quite common for managers and leaders to lose their mojo. While they may have a credible business card, they are not jumping out of bed in the morning.

When this occurs it doesn’t just impact on their professional life. If left unattended it can impact on their home life, their relationships and their personal wellbeing.

Each leader’s situation will be unique but the common denominator is often that the role they are in no longer fits with their career values or criteria. The lack of fit between what someone stands for and the role they are in is not sustainable and needs to be addressed.

So how do you address this? The first step is not to tolerate it. You need to take the time to stand back, reflect on your career, identify your work/career values and then ask yourself how you can more effectively meet those values. Sometimes this can be done by making relatively small adjustments within your current role, at other times it may require a career change.

If you are not feeling happy or fulfilled in your career, don’t ignore that feeling because the costs can be high. Examine what is behind it, identify your values, confide in someone you can trust and look for a solution that can reignite your career.

If you need help with reigniting your career get in touch to see how we could help.



Kevin McMahon is a Partner at Stepshift, helping New Zealand business leaders to get the best from themselves and the people they lead through executive coaching, leadership development and business consulting.

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