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CEO’s In The Know: Informed CEO’s Are More Effective Leaders

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Captains of ships don’t sail in a straight line from port to port. They make continual adjustments to their course based on the up-to-date data they receive. Likewise CEO’s need to make many adjustments and the quality of those adjustments can often be determined by the quality of the information they are exposed to.

CEO’s need to remain close to and aware of the mood, opinions and needs of all their key stakeholder groups such as clients, staff, the board and suppliers. Yet for many they become isolated and a gulf is created between their understanding and the perceptions of some stakeholders. This gulf can end up becoming a CEO’s death trap.

For many CEO’s their relative isolation is compounded because they are surrounded by people who are afraid or unable to challenge them. What they need is honest opinion, honest challenge and honest feedback. This environment of honesty ensures decisions are made from an informed foundation.

CEO’s can find that Executive Coaching is one way to get, and ensure a future framework for that honesty. If not executive coaching it may be via another trusted relationship. However it is done, the key is that honest opinion and feedback is not only accepted, it is fostered and encouraged in the organisation.

Ask yourself how often this week you have been challenged or provided with the honest feedback that gave you an opportunity to consider adjustments? If that’s happened several times it’s a good sign. If it hasn’t happened then you may need to look at your isolation. Take a moment to consider how you might do that.

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