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How Personal Development Creates Business Success

Friday, February 7th, 2014

Personal development often underpins business success. When personal development is geared towards improved personal effectiveness and performance, it’s only natural that business success must follow. That’s why executive coaching doesn’t just focus on business running techniques, it can also help work on a range of personal skills focused on the individual but with a run-on effect for the rest of the company.  Executive leaders are human after all, so it makes sense that further developing your resilience and confidence for example is a part of playing a successful leadership role.

Some of the personal skills that can be developed for business success are as follows:

  • Self-awareness and self-management. Who leaders are and how they manage themselves has a big impact on staff and staff performance. Are you coming across as a leader who is positive and confident or a leader who is negative and fearful – this will make a real difference for staff and clients and for this reason it will impact on business success.  How you are as a leader – your emotional state – will often have a more profound impact on others than what you say.
  • Interpersonal skills. The ability we have to inspire and motivate staff and clients is dependent on the level of rapport and relationship we have with them. Taking time to understand how we build our relationships and how we can do even better in this area is likely to pay real dividends at work and outside of work. Staff work harder for leaders they respect and like and clients buy more off people they respect and like. Paying more attention and being more present in your interactions with people, as well as getting better at reading their mood and emotions are all skills that will help in both professional and personal senses.
  • Influence. In an executive role one of the key functions that can mean the difference between success or failure is your ability to influence internal and external stakeholders. Understanding where you are being effective in influencing people and where and how you can further improve, or widen, that influence can make a significant difference to your success professionally and personally.

Personal development is a huge part of business success, so if you want to use personal development as a way to achieve business success then a business coach is worth considering.

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