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Behavioural Change and Business Success

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Achieving Significant New Results Through New Behaviours

Delivering significant commercial results means influencing behavioural change in people, teams and across organisations.

When new results are being sought in the business world we often hear terms like ‘organisational development’, ‘team dynamics’ and ‘culture change’ being identified as areas requiring attention. And when you distil it right down, significant new results come off the back of new individual, team or organisation-wide behaviours.

The behaviour of individuals and teams is a significant predictor of business performance and results. When improved results are sought, at one level behaviour needs to be influenced and adopted to support the desired new performance and results.

When results being sought are organisation-wide, the behaviour shift must occur from the top down as the senior team always sets a strong framework for behaviour, good or bad, which is modelled to one extent or another across the organisation.

Leadership or executive coaching is an ideal way of beginning the process of organisational behavioural change as it is focused on making the changes at the leadership table. The example of a leadership team prepared to go through a process of identifying and changing behaviours that will enable organisational success is a compelling example to the rest of the organisation.

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