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Behavioural Change and Business Success – A Process

Monday, December 6th, 2010

As we outlined in our previous article on Behavioural Change and Business Success, business or organisational success is closely tied to the behaviours of an individual team or the organisation as a whole. To overcome existing challenges and take advantage of new opportunities, behaviours must change.

The process for influencing new behaviour is important in delivering significant new results. Irrespective of whether the new results are being sought by an individual, a leadership team, or across a whole business, the following process encourages the behaviour change required to deliver those results:

  • Outcome – Ensure a clear outcome and set of results has been defined. What are the specific commercial and people objectives?
  • Awareness – Identify the behaviours that support the outcome, and those behaviours that do not and need to change, to enable the results you are seeking.
  • Motivation – Behavioural change takes effort. Understanding what you value most about the objectives and results you are seeking is key to sustaining that effort.
  • Reinforcement – This change is important, it may be the most important initiative being undertaken – how will the focus remain on it?
  • Development – Often changing behaviours requires development of new skills. How will these skills be acquired?
  • Accountability – What process, or people, will hold you accountable?
  • Measurement & Celebrating Success – How will you measure progress and how will you celebrate the achievement of our outcome?

Achieving significant new results can be rewarding, and those results inevitably come from changes in behaviour.

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