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Addressing Under Performance With Leaders

Monday, July 4th, 2011

The Costs of Tolerating Poor Performance are High

Organisational structure is driven by individual and team performance. Where that performance is below par it needs to be addressed and not tolerated. Why? Because poor performance doesn’t just impact the individual and their key performance indicators (KPI’s), it will invariably have a wider negative impact on the business both externally and internally.

This becomes especially critical if the poor performance is at a senior or leadership level. When we talk about poor performance this could manifest in one of two ways:

  1. Poor results
  2. Unacceptable behaviour

In many cases change can be facilitated through executive coaching and development, and in some cases the individual needs to find a new role. Irrespective of which scenario plays out the key is to find a way to table what is occurring in an open and honest way and look for the best method to address and improve the performance or behaviour.

Poor performance or under performance in itself is not the issue, toleration of that lack of performance is. Take time to consider where you need to ensure improved performance is achieved in your organisation – the impact is likely to be positive and far reaching.

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