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Stepshift’s Leadership Coaching Philosophies

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

At Stepshift we are committed to providing leadership coaching in a manner which delivers outstanding organisational and personal success.

Our philosophies in developing leadership coaching and mentoring programmes are as follows:

  • Non Prescriptive – Each organisation and leader is unique and whilst we use a consistent methodology, within that an approach tailored to each client delivers most benefit. A “boiler plate” approach to leadership development and coaching is usually ineffective.
  • Coaching Impact – When coaching programmes are well designed, the impact can reach beyond leadership performance to team dynamics and organisational culture.
  • Challenge – We appreciate that people in leadership require honest feedback and challenge to enable them to achieve even better results. We provide this in an objective and constructive way.
  • Results Focus – We are relentlessly results focussed in our coaching & mentoring which means we ask a lot of clients in terms of the new leadership initiatives and behaviours identified during the coaching process.

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