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Return on Investment (ROI) for Executive Coaching

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

A paper in the 2001 Manchester Review (Vol 6 Number1) by McGovern and others reported the results of research into Maximising the Impact of Executive Coaching and arrived at some interesting conclusions (we do not have space to cover the methodology of the research but if you are interested please call a stepshift Partner and we can provide details).

What is a typical  return (ROI) on investment  on Executive coaching?

Executive and shareholders surveyed reported significant tangible benefits. .For example 53% of those surveyed reported productivity benefits, 48% quality impacts, 48% customer service, 34% reduced customers’ complaints and 32% indicated coaching had an impact on their own retention.

Similarly significant intangible results were also recorded. 77% reported improved relationships with their reports, 71% improved relationships with their stakeholders, 67% reported improved teamwork, 63% improved relationship with peers and 64% improved job satisfaction.

Whenever you are considering appointing an executive coach ask them how they measure the Return on Investment (ROI) of their executive coaching.

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