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Improving Leadership Performance

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Improving your leadership often involves more than developing new skills or behaviours.


Improving leadership performance often focuses on improving capabilities and behaviours.  This may range from impacting areas of interpersonal capability right through to technical areas such as the leader’s ability to read a balance sheet.

Typically when leaders are ready to take a significant step shift in improving their leadership, impacting behaviour will not be sustained if it occurs in isolation.  In order to get a significant step shift, and to sustain that performance, it is likely that the thinking and emotions that underpin behaviour need to be impacted.  As this occurs the improvements can be dramatic.

We all have beliefs and related emotions and where our behaviour is delivering the results we want, and not creating undue stress, we are quite happy to retain these.  Where our behaviour is compromised it is likely that we have limiting beliefs or conflicting emotions. Developing new behaviours and skills will be required and often the breakthroughs will come from uncovering and shifting or learning ways to manage any limiting beliefs and emotions.

Take a simple example where a leader is ready to develop new interpersonal skills around understanding what drives their people and how to tap into those individual motivators. If the leader believes all people should motivate themselves or if they feel overly nervous about asking searching questions of their people , then impacting that thinking and having them feel more comfortable are key to ensuring any new skills they develop will be utilised and therefore make a difference.

Performance = Capability – Interference

The interference is what primarily occurs internally at a mental and emotional level and this interference can often be reduced quite quickly allowing you to perform at the level of your capability. Becoming aware of your interference and your ability to manage yourself is key to reducing interference.

Whatever you are doing to take your leadership to a new level, check your development is occurring at a mental and emotional level, and not just at a behavioural or skills level. To learn more about how coaching may benefit you, visit Stepshift’s executive coaching page or return to the blog categories page.

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