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Executive Coaches – Could I benefit?

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Executive Coaches are not for everyone.

Business leaders and managers have times when they want to take a significant step in their leadership or career. This may involve for example achieving more success or traction in your role or with your business, getting more from your people or preparing for or stepping into a more senior role. What you focus on and how you take advantage in these periods of development and transition can have a significant impact on your leadership success and your career.

It is during these periods that executive coaching with the right coach can deliver significant benefits. Coaches can assist you to clarify where you are and where you want to be, and provide support as you bridge that gap. They are skilled, objective and ideally have a strong understanding of what it’s like to be a leader. Coaching does not take you away from your role and into a foreign environment, instead it assists you to stand back and supports you to get the best from yourself within the context of your role, challenges and workload.

To get the full benefits of executive coaching you need to be someone who can be open and honest with your coach – talk about your strengths, weaknesses and concerns – as this honesty is vital to achieving strong coaching results. You need to feel comfortable with the coach and confident they can understand both you and your situation.

If you sense that this is a period when you would like to achieve something really significant, then it is worth exploring executive coaching. To learn more about how coaching may benefit you, visit Stepshift’s executive coaching page or return to the blog categories page.

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