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Ensuring Executive Coaching Success

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

A paper in the 2001 Manchester Review (Vol 6 Number1) by McGovern and others reported the results of research into Maximising the Impact of Executive Coaching and arrived at some interesting conclusions (we do not have space to cover the methodology of the research but if you are interested please call a stepshift Partner and we can provide details).

What Factors Assist or Hinder Executive Coaching Success?

This report provides some interesting comment about the factors that impacted positively or negatively on executive coaching outcomes and success.  The key positive factors were the relationship with the executive coach, the quality of feedback, the quality of assessment, the executive’s commitment and support from their manager. Key negative factors were (lack of) executive commitment, organisational support, communication issues and the availability of the executive.

The authors of the report conclude with the following points to achieve successful executive coaching results

  • Choose your executive coach carefully.  Rapport and trust is critical but notice also that quality of feedback and assessment is related to your choice of executive coach or executive coaching company.
  • Develop organisational support.  Align coaching with business outcomes, ensure clear goals are set for the executive coaching and regular measurement and communication of progress against those goals is undertaken.  Executive Coaching is best positioned as a positive benefit rather than remedial in nature.
  • Measure and communicate executive coaching outcomes especially successful  results– this leads to a lowering of some of the barriers

As you consider either commencing a executive coaching relationship or improving executive coaching outcomes for your organisation, reflect on how the quality of the coaching organisation, your relationship with an individual executive coach, the assessment, measurement and communication of progress and can have a significant impact in achieving success.

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