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Principles for Motivation – Key Values and Priorities

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

If motivation of self or others will assist you in your role, read on.

When you as a leader are clear on your work values, you can find ways to deliver against those values then you will find you are a lot happier and have more motivation in your work. Are you clear on what drives you, on your values and their priority? Take a little time to ask yourself the following:

  • What is most important to me about my work, my career… what else… what else?
  • Rank these and focus in the top 2 to 4.
  • How satisfied am I that these values are being met in my current role?

What to Consider

The values you uncover are key to your motivation and energy. Your work values will be unique and where these are satisfied in your role you will find yourself getting out of bed with a spring in your step. High workloads and even high pressure will be manageable with little personal cost because your leadership and work is consistent with who you are. Where your values are not being met then this will often lead to high levels of stress and mean that your performance is compromised or not sustainable. Uncovering your values is interesting, finding ways to ensure you can deliver against these values in your leadership is essential for you as a person, for the team you lead and the organisation you work for.

If your interest is more around motivating others you can ask them what is important to them about there work/career and once you have elicited these values explore with them ways in which these values can be met. As their values are met they will feel more motivated, more fulfilled and be more likely to be retained and perform at a higher level.

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