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Business Results Vs Staff Impact: Both Need To Be Managed

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

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Research tells us that on average staff members are disengaged for 30% of their working week. This is a massive cost to many businesses and one that can be addressed by looking at the focus you have on people and performance.

In most organisations there is a lot of focus on what results are being achieved and rightly so. Businesses need to deliver results in order to survive, grow and prosper. The element that often gets less attention is how those results are being achieved – what are the leadership behaviours and what is the culture being developed in order to deliver those results?

When businesses look closely at the behaviour, dynamics and culture created to achieve results, as well as the results themselves, they will both optimise people performance and ensure that performance is sustainable. When they don’t the costs both on the floor and on the profit and loss statement, will be significant.

Businesses need to track and respond to the ‘how’ as closely as they do the ‘what’. This means monitoring areas such as staff wellbeing, motivation and engagement. It means being able to compare one manager’s impact on people with another manager’s, or branch engagement (e.g. Wellington vs. Auckland). This can be done to some extent informally, and at least annually more formal assessments should be undertaken. Action and feedback needs to be undertaken off the back of this measurement to ensure managers and leaders know the impact they are having on people, where this is working and where their approach needs to change.

Don’t fall into the trap of looking at the results only – this is a death trap for businesses. You know that people, their motivation, engagement and performance is what drives business results and when managers and leaders have worked out how best to impact people and performance, results will occur more easily and more reliably.

Take a moment to ask yourself whether you have a good handle on how people are feeling in your organisation – if not give some attention to this area knowing that it will pay significant dividends from both a HR and commercial perspective.

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