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Leadership Coaching – Getting the Best from Yourself and Others

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Perhaps more than anything else what differentiates great leaders from good leaders is your ability to get the best from yourself and from others.  This is particularly critical in times of change, turnaround or growth when leaders are under pressure.  Leadership coaching is a proven on-the-job intervention that can assist you to significantly develop your leadership.

As a leader you are unique, your style, your challenges, your environment, your strengths, challenges and aspirations, define that uniqueness.  Effective leadership coaching will respect and work with that uniqueness and help you to identify what will make the difference in your leadership.  Your coach will assist you to get clarity and to focus on those key leadership attitudes or behaviours that will deliver the results you are seeking.

Leadership coaching is not for everyone, as it requires the courage to be totally open and honest and the commitment to perhaps take new approaches to some leadership situations or relationships.  Where you are able to summon that courage and commitment, the results can be outstanding and because it is totally focussed on you and your role, these results are sustainable.

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