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Energy Management Key to High Performance

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Book Review – The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Reward; Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz.

In today’s fast paced world, time management is no longer a viable solution. In this book Loehr and Schwartz demonstrate how managing energy, not time, is a key to enduring high performance as well as to health, happiness and life balance.

As a CEO or organisational leader you will be aware that the number of hours in a day is fixed. However the quantity and quality of energy available to you in that time is not. You will have days where focus and energy is lacking and other days when you have it in abundance. The book contains a highly practical, scientifically based approach to management of your energy more skillfully, both on and off the job.

The book lays out key training principles and provides a programme that will help you to:

  • Mobilize four key sources of energy
  • Balance energy expenditure with intermittent energy renewal
  • Expand capacity in the same systematic way that elite athletes do
  • Create highly specific, positive energy management rituals

This approach provides a different perspective on “time management” enabling you to becoming more fully engaged in your time both on and off the job – meaning physically energized, emotionally connected, mentally focused and spiritually aligned. In short, a more effective, authentic and happy senior executive.

Once you have read and the contents of the book you might consider taking the time to use a leadership coach to assist you deepen your understanding and convert that knowledge into day-to-day action through effective energy management.

Find out how executive coaching may assist your energy and focus management and to make the most effective use of your time, or return to the Stepshift Leadership Blog.

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