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The Changing Faces of Executive Mentors & Mentoring

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

Using executive mentors in New Zealand business has a long history and more recently has changed in form.


Historically some business people were assigned executive mentors who had “walked the path” to help guide and coach them. The upside was that these executive mentors had been there and done that, the downside was that they often had no mentoring skills and the relationship they would form with the mentee was left to chance.

Over the past 5 years executive mentoring has become more sought after and there has been a shift from internal mentoring to more external results focused mentoring from professional mentors and coaches.

Mentees need to be given the opportunity to choose their executive mentors as the relationship and fit is crucial, and executive mentors need to have the mentoring skills to uncover and impact those enablers that will make the biggest difference for the mentee.

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