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Leadership Team Development & Good Dynamics Is Critical

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

A high performing executive team is critical to the ability of an organisation to drive results and execute the company strategy in a sustainable way. Therefore developing your leadership team is vital.

It is critical that, at this level, the leadership team members are each committed to achieving the organisational results and not just those of their own divisions or functions.  Frequently leaders are faced with silo type behaviour that threatens the ability of the executive team to operate at its most effective level.

As a team comprises a group of individuals, the dynamic and effectiveness of the team will be highly dependent on the way the individuals in the team relate with one another.  If there is a fundamental executive team dysfunction, such as a low level of trust or openness as between team members, the ability of the team to perform at a highly effective level is seriously reduced.

Equally, if a top performing leadership team is aware of what drives its positive team dynamic, measures can be taken to ensure this is protected even when some team members leave and new team members join.

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