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Executive or Leadership Coaching Matters

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

These are just some of the issues that effective Business or Leadership Coaching can assist with:

1. Corporate financial health and fiscal responsibilities

a. Achieving consistent financial returns in a highly competitive global market
b. Forming strategic alliances to leverage resources
c. Ensuring your organisation is a compelling place to work to attract and retain high quality people

2. Organisational change and chaos

a. Handling the speed of change
b. Potential mergers, acquisitions, and sizing issues
c. Accelerated change causing turbulence
d. Succession planning and implementation

3. Managing time effectively

a. Resourcing time to manage details
b. Leadership challenges (team, collaborative approaches, board responsibility)
c. Clarity of vision and focus and buy in from staff and colleagues
d. Balancing daily and long term agendas

4. Performance issues (self and team)

a. Managing stress and burnout issues
b. Under challenged
c. Blind spots
d. Performance in the job
e. Building relationships
f. Missing skills and/or competencies (content skills: strategic thinking and implementation, effective management and process skills: communication, facilitation, relationship skills, presence)

5. Balance of personal and work life

a. Lonely at top, no one to talk to, no effective feedback
b. Career/leadership development (mature leaders, emerging leaders, star “fast trackers”)
c. Shift from technical to management to leadership to fostering leadership
d. Personal mid-career transition
e. Balance of life (never enough hours)
f. Balance of multiple intelligences (head, heart and feet)
g. Self-care

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