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Business Consultants As Facilitators

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

Companies interested in enhancing their leadership and team performances often engage the services of business consultants as facilitators.

When Stepshift’s business consultants work in the area of leadership team development, they start with a gap analysis exercise. They then act as facilitators to assist the team to look honestly at where they are, where they want to be and how they will committ to getting there. The awareness that comes from this honest gap analysis assessment is critical in providing a foundation for team development and effectiveness.

Key stakeholders are involved in the process and they are encouraged to provide open and honest feedback and assessment. Hearing respective views, even when they at variance, is critical to building team unity and committment.  The team is then encouraged to use the information to plot their future path, agree how they can best work together, build more effective relationships and in some cases develop new leadership skills.  Teams often have some level of dysfunction because team members lack relationships or trust, or because different agendas are in play. Further developing the relationships, trust and team unity can make a significant difference to the way people interact, the way they perform and the results they achieve. This generally starts with open and honest dialogue and can often benefit from an outside facilitator.

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