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Why Emotional Intelligence Matters

Emotional Intelligence (also known as EQ) is an increasingly valued component of being an effective leader, manager or team member. It is about perceiving, controlling and evaluating emotions – skills that contribute to the wellbeing of the team and help manage relationships between people. However, EQ is still seen by some people as a “soft” skill – or nothing more than a management buzzword. In fact, the benefits are very real, and a strong sense of emotional intelligence has direct practical use in the modern work environment.

The Benefits of Emotional Intelligence

For sceptics, here are some of the benefits of having a good level of emotional intelligence:

By developing these skills, you build a stronger working environment for you and your team. When you can manage people on an emotional level, you create a true willingness to work for common goals.  A happy team is an efficient team, and not something to be underestimated.

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