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Team Development

One of the frustrations a leader can have is when team members focus predominantly on the results of their functional areas and less on performing as a leadership team and achieving organisation-wide objectives.  A senior management or executive team needs to deliver more than just divisional results.  It also needs to successfully drive the organisational agenda and in these situations leadership team development becomes critical.

To operate at a high level, senior teams need to be clear on, and engaged in, the strategic outcomes of the organisation.  Leadership team performance means ‘rowing in the same direction’ and supporting one another towards achievement of these outcomes.

At Stepshift we work with senior teams to help them identify their critical business outcomes and to agree the expectations they have of each other (in terms of behaviour and action) to achieve them.  When team development allows all members to be on the same page and committed to an agreed course of action, leadership team performance improves and organisational results follow.

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