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Find the Right Leadership Coaching Arrangement

Leadership coaching can be immensely beneficial to anyone in a position of management and decision-making, but it’s important to find the right coach for you. A good relationship between coach and client is essential for making progress and enjoying the learning you receive, and a bad one can create tension and lead to the opposite of success. Leadership coaching is a varied art and every coach has their own style. If you don’t feel like you click, express your concerns and find a solution.

Of course, working with a leadership coach can sometimes be difficult for unrelated reasons – sometimes they will need to tell you some hard truths about your business or leadership practice, and other times the changes they are asking you to make are a struggle to implement. It’s important to determine whether the cause is the coaching or the coach, and here are some things to ask yourself:

There are many different styles of leadership coaching, and you should always try to find one that fits you. Some organisations will have different mentors available who can be matched to your needs, so to find the right one for your leadership development needs, contact us today.

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