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Executive Team Emotional Intelligence

Any team of leadership figures has a number of skills at their disposal to help them manage and direct themselves for maximum productivity, but a skill that is often overlooked is executive team emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence (or EQ) amounts to identifying, evaluating and managing the emotions of other people. For executive teams, emotional intelligence is a necessary skill for ensuring functionality.

One reason that executive team emotional intelligence is so important is that often, teams made up of executives will have a number of different goals and directions being pushed. Each leader will naturally be more concerned with the role or area they specifically are in charge of, and it is therefore important that everyone is able to approach discussions and meetings on a mature, emotionally open level. Doing so is not always easy, which is why emotional intelligence is so important. Being aware not only of your own emotions but those of others will make it easier to distance yourself from your immediate concerns, and be more accepting of the needs of others and the company as a whole. It also makes the team more open and engaging which is always excellent for morale and productivity.

Executive team emotional intelligence is an undervalued skill that can contribute greatly to the smooth running and improved efficiency of a corporate structure.

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