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Executive Team Coaching

Most companies are made up of different tiers of staff, each taking instruction from a leadership figure, who in turn takes instruction from another leader to ensure all oars are pulling in the same direction and that progress is efficient and strong. However, larger companies in particular often reach a point where a team of executives must work together, representing their different areas, to make crucial decisions and direct the running of the overall business. This team situation requires a particular skill set, and executive team coaching can help your leaders develop these capabilities.

An executive team has a difficult task – they are essentially where the buck stops and therefore have many responsibilities. Balancing this while still being a team player is the ultimate goal of executive team coaching. A good executive team should also be clear and focused on the primary strategic goals – too many different ideas will scatter resources and efforts. Instructions and plans will become naturally filtered as they are sent down the chain of command, so it’s essential that they start out focused and strong. Executive team members should be able to listen as well as give opinions, and it’s important that even if everyone isn’t always on the same page, they are at least all reading the same book.

Executive team coaching is a good step to take if your executive team has been newly assembled, new additions have been made, or if the company is running in a new direction. It increases cohesion, effectiveness, and overall productivity across the team and the business as a whole.

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