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Upping My Leadership Game

Enhancing your leadership at critical times

When results are good and challenges are surmountable, it is easy not to look too critically at the effectiveness of ones leadership.  After all, if things are going well, you must be doing your job well, right? 

However there will be times when it is absolutely critical that certain outcomes or results are achieved and you will need to “up” your leadership game. The purpose of this short article is to suggest one essential thing that you should do at such times.  In essence it can be described as ” Step out before you step up”.
In times of crisis or urgency, leaders can quickly be pulled into operational aspects of the business.  It is easy to quickly become engulfed in detail and to stop seeing the wood for the trees.  At such times leaders are well advised to:

  1. Step back and take the time to clearly see the big picture
  2. Identify what success will look like and what it will take for you and the organisation to achieve that
  3. Decide on your specific critical outcomes, and a clear timeframe
  4. Determine your high level pathway to success and your specific initial actions.

Investing some time to complete steps 1 to 4 above will undoubtedly pay dividends in terms of the effectiveness and success of your leadership at such critical times.

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