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Successful Transition

Positioning for leadership success in a new role

Taking on a new leadership role is exciting but can also be concerning as you will have a very strong desire to succeed and no guarantee that that will happen.  What you do early in your new role can significantly impact whether you succeed or not, and whether others will see you as being successful.

The purpose of this short leadership article is to remind you of two, often overooked, tasks that are crucial in positioning yourself for success in your new role. These are to:

  1. Identify your key stakeholders at the earliest opportunity

  2. Meet with each of them to build rapport and to elicit from them what success in your role, over 90 days and over 1 to 2 years, looks like from their perspective.

Having a clear understanding of what key stakeholders are looking for provides you with a strong foundation for planning. It will also provide you with the opportunity to meet with them again after, say, 90 days to review your early progress and achievements. Not understanding who the key stakeholders are or what they are looking for can seriously limit your chances of success in your role.

So if you are embarking on a new role take the time to complete the two tasks outlined above – you may be surprised at what you uncover and how you can use this information to achieve success in your new leadership role.

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