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Management of Change

Leading with Compassion and Empathy

Management of change is a key leadership competency and invariably requires making important and challenging decisions which may have a significant personal toll on yourself and people who are close to you in the business.  Successful change management requires not only that the best decisions are made but also that they are implemented effectively.

The purpose of this Leadership Tip is to alert you to the power and importance of empathy and compassion in effecting and communicating those decisions.  It will go a long way to you determining your long term success and yet is not an easy or natural response. Here’s why.

Change management usually requires changes in people’s roles and responsibilities  and is a source of stress for both the person making and implementing decisions and on the people impacted by it. Threat and fear is a natural and understandable response. When people are fearful they tend to withdraw from human interaction and become less compassionate and empathetic. With less interaction, communication declines, suspicion and mistrust rise.

As a leader you must balance the importance of making and implementing critical decisions with maintaining and building relationships – even with people who may be potentially exiting the business.  Demonstrating compassion and empathy are two key components in building and maintaining trust.  This may be as simple as walking about, talking and showing you care.  A successful change management process will maintain or even grow trust.

In summary your role as a leader is to step forward at a time when others are stepping away, to engage when others are disengaging and to show compassion and empathy to ensure that the change process is a sustainable success.

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