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Leadership Influence

Influencing the thinking and actions of stakeholders

Leaders are called on to exercise many skills in their leadership role. It could be argued that one of the most important leadership skills is the ability to influence. Whether it’s influencing their management team around a new direction, influencing clients in regard to changes with service delivery, or influencing a supplier to sign a new supply agreement – leadership influence is critical to leadership success.

The purpose of this short leadership article is not to explore all the intricacies of influence but rather to remind you of the three keystones that provide the foundation for your leadership influence. When these are in place you are most likely to positively impact the thinking and actions of stakeholders, when they are not in place your  influencing efforts are likely to fail. These three key foundations are:

  1. Self: Managing your emotions and your thinking to put yourself in the best space to relate to others.

  2. Rapport: Developing rapport and a connection with the individual or group involved.

  3. Understanding: Identifying what is important to them, their outcomes and their concerns.

When you are in good space, when you have developed rapport and you understand those you are engaging with, you will find they are more engaged and far more receptive to your influence.

Take some time to look at where you need to influence people. Identify which of the three foundation areas need some focus and then apply it in the knowledge that your influence will be far more likely to succeed as a result of this approach.

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