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Carmel’s Client References

Executive Coaching

“Carmel’s coaching has enabled me to make the changes necessary to move from operational to executive leadership.”
– Therese Singleton, GM, Investments & Insurance, AMP

“Carmel has coached me during a time of significant change. The results have been very positive and have contributed to a more rounded management capability.”
– Roger Jones, Chief Technology Officer, Auckland Transport

“The results have been absolutely astounding. Carmel’s pragmatic approach has changed the way I work and think, both strategically and as a leader.”
– Tom Watt, Membership Manager, Southern Cross Health Society

“Carmel’s incisive and practical guidance has changed the way I think about the challenges and opportunities ahead. The results are already clear.”
– Matt Atkinson, Partner, Fee Langstone

Carmel’s previous experience as a partner means she has a great understanding of our business and the different obstacles our people navigate.  She provides practical and considered advice to our people as they develop in their career at the firm”. – Louise Alexander, HR Director, Bell Gully

“Carmel is both inspiring and provocative and has skillfully helped me to reflect and chart a course that leverages my strengths to do work that is energising and fulfilling” . – Judy Newcombe, Portfolio Development Manager, The Springboard Trust

Leadership Team Development

“Carmel has helped build our Leadership Team into a cohesive team focused on honest interactions to get results.”
– Dean Cates, COO, Crockers Property Group

“I have used Carmel to facilitate team sessions with significant results in terms of improving team performance.”
Anthony McPhail, COO Members’ Service’s, Southern Cross Health Society 

“Our team benefited enormously. Feedback from our business partners has been positive and they have enjoyed more constructive engagement with our team.”
– Sarah Richardson, Head of Corporate Legal & Secretariat, Westpac New Zealand

“The benefits of the team coaching programme easily outweigh the costs.”
– Craig Morrison, CEO, Southern Cross Travel Insurance

Carmel expertly facilitated discussion in a group of senior sceptics to achieve a common team goal”. – Dr. Gillian Bishop, Head of Department of Critical Care Medicine, ADHB

“ As a team development facilitator, Carmel is supportive, challenging in a constructive way, and entirely focused on helping a group of people move forward to be more effective in their endeavours”.  – Judy Newcombe, Portfolio Development Manager, The Springboard Trust

Leadership Consulting / Facilitation

“Carmel has been exemplary in her ability to assist the development of my team and the company and I have no doubt that without her we would not be the market force we are today.”
– Brien Cree, CEO, Radius Residential Care

“Carmel’s excellent facilitating kept all the sessions constructive and working towards achieving an outcome accepted by all.”
– Doug Troon, Director, Amtex Services Ltd

“Carmel’s strategic planning process has proven to be very effective, whether for a longer term “blue sky” approach or simply to update our thinking from the previous year”.
– Russell Shaw, CEO, Top Energy Group

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