Should I Stay or Should I Go? | Stepshift

Should I Stay or Should I Go?


A senior Partner at a large professional services firm had lost their motivation and was feeling stressed about possibly moving on. They wanted to make the right decision and to ensure they regained their motivation and enthusiasm for their work.


It became clear that having them identify their work values and outcomes was crucial for them to make the right decisions and to take effective action. Gaining clarity was key to this situation, assisting the Partner to get beyond the day to day noise and the stress they were feeling. This enabled them to take their own views, plus input from selected stakeholders, to understand their work values, outcomes, strengths and weaknesses.


When the client got beyond the stress and was thinking clearly it became obvious to them the new direction they wanted to take. They captured the motivation and confidence to set up their new venture and achieve early success. The firm they left benefited by having the partner leave on good terms, which lead to a mutually beneficial ongoing relationship.