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Senior Team Dysfunction Limits Business Results


A leading New Zealand health services provider was experiencing significant dysfunction at their senior management team level. Some executives were not working together effectively which was adversely affecting the leadership team, wider staff and business performance.


The key starting point was identifying openly and honestly what was occurring. We met one on one with the CEO, senior team members, selected staff and stakeholders. We assessed the findings and made recommendations to the CEO and senior team around areas they needed to address. These included; clarifying strategies and roles, team principles and behaviours and in particular the approach and behaviours required to break down internal silos and to work effectively together.


Team members have stepped up, playing a broader team leadership role rather than simply representing their area of operational responsibility. One team member decided to leave the organisation. The team has more clarity around roles and they are communicating more openly and effectively with each other. Bottom line growth for the business, and staff engagement, have both improved markedly.