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New Leader Building Team to Deliver Business Results


Our client team is a senior team in a Financial Services organisation. In a very competitive market the team had been struggling to deliver and had become fragmented and inward-looking. A new leader recognised that, to deliver its important business outcomes, the team needed to build cohesion and momentum.


We elicited feedback from all team members and a number of other stakeholders in the organisation. The resulting report enabled the team to see clearly how they were operating, how the team was viewed within the organisation, the issues they faced and the opportunities for the team moving forward. We facilitated them to work through the challenges, clarify the opportunities and build an engaging vision for their team success and a clear pathway forward.


The team has evolved into a significantly more effective team, working more cohesively and creatively together. Feedback indicates that the team is more highly regarded in the organisation and results show that the team has significantly improved its bottom-line success over the past 18 months.