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Developing a Leadership Culture Within an SME


Our client, the CEO of an established FMCG organisation, wanted to extend the benefit of leadership development to all leaders in the organisation but was concerned about how to achieve this in a meaningful and cost-effective way.


Working closely with the CEO and Senior Leadership Team we established a deep understanding of their business drivers and of the outcomes they wanted to achieve through the leadership programme. We facilitated several groups of their people leaders to ascertain what was important to them and to their success in the organisation. We then developed a tailored leadership development programme and deliver it in regular facilitated workshops, with a focus on learning, doing and sharing experiences.


The organisation now has a common language and expectations around leadership. This has led to the development of clear accountabilities and encourages open and honest discussions about leadership challenges and successes, in turn creating a continuous learning environment. There is clear evidence of leaders stepping up, coaching and developing their people and developing an ability to think and operate at a more strategic level.