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Developing a High Performance Senior Team


The owner of a very successful SME operating in the rural sector approached us stating, “something is not quite right with our leadership team”. In an industry operating with tight deadlines, significant seasonal influences and a critical need to maintain quality, a flexible, co-operative and focused team was essential. Yet the owner was unable to specifically identify what needed to change.


In our Gap Analysis process, we elicited feedback from the leadership team and people reporting to it. We identified opportunities to improve lines of responsibility, trust and communication, as important for team effectiveness. We also identified a team member who was experiencing a dangerously high level of stress. An approach involving consulting, team facilitation and individual coaching was initiated.


The leadership team is now aligned to achieve important strategic objectives and members are clearer on their roles and more effective. The stressed individual is now calm and effective in both his business and personal life. We maintain an ongoing role embedding and finessing the improvements.