Considering or Starting a New Leadership Role | Stepshift

Considering or Starting a New Leadership Role


Commencing a new role, our client recognised that what got her to where she is today would not get her where she wanted to go. Her new leadership role required a more strategic and collaborative approach and an ability to influence colleagues in the organisation. She needed new thinking and skills and she needed them quickly to establish credibility in her new role.


We sought feedback from people who observed her in earlier roles as well as people directly interested in her new role. The ensuing report provided clarity around the nature of the role, aspects that people agreed she was already ideally suited to, and a specific and practical approach to address her development opportunities. Subsequent coaching provided our client with focus, support and learning as she commenced her new role and practised new approaches and skills.


Our client entered her new role with clarity and confidence. She was able to access personal resources that would enable her success and made the changes required relatively easily. Importantly, they were real and sustainable. She is carrying out her new role successfully and confidently.