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Business coaching is the process of providing impartial and results-oriented support, feedback and advice to an individual, team or organisation in order to help them identify ways in which they can improve their performance and the effectiveness of their business.

Why Business Coaching?

While many businesses turn to outside help during difficult periods, utilising a business coach is certainly not a sign of failure or an indication that you are underperforming. Elite athletes, sports teams and celebrities surround themselves by coaches and advisors in order to help set and achieve their goals.

These people recognise the value of a good coach for improving their techniques, strategies and focus. They understand that they do not have all of the answers themselves and that an experienced and skilled coach can assist them to identify where their strengths lie, where they need to improve, and how to get to where they want to be.

An effective business coach encourages and supports their client to reach further and to achieve more by:

Being coached is a very demanding process and is not an easy fix. Effective business coaches expect and obtain a lot from their clients and the process requires honesty and discipline from both sides. A good business coach challenges their clients in a straightforward and uncompromising way to help them achieve their goals. Ultimately however, business coaching is extremely fulfilling and is a sound investment in your company’s future.

About Stepshift’s Business Coaches

Based in Auckland and Wellington, our business coaches are highly experienced, extremely professional and absolutely committed to seeing New Zealand organisations and leaders achieve fundamental shifts through improved performance.

Contact us to confidentially discuss your business coaching requirements or visit the Stepshift Leadership Blog for more business advice.