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There is an I in Team

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Self-awareness is at the heart of a person’s ability to function well as a leader. It is also at the heart of a person’s ability to operate effectively as a team member. When a team wants to operate productively and effectively, the behaviour and attitudes of the members of the team are central to how well the team functions. The team is a group of individuals and how those individuals behave is crucial to the team’s effectiveness.

It is important for team members to come into the team environment with an attitude of trust, openness and support for one another. Where a team member’s attitude is one of distrust, his or her behaviour will reflect this and the dynamic of the team will be negatively impacted. The first step is for team members to be aware of their own attitude and behaviour in a team environment. That awareness gives them the ability to consciously do something about it.

Team members can work together to build this awareness and to build a healthy team dynamic. Effective teams establish clear rules of behaviour to ensure the culture of the team is conducive to the achievement of the team’s objectives. At Stepshift we work with teams to facilitate understanding of the existing team dynamic and to enable the team members build a healthy and sustainable group relationship.

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