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What Impact Are Your Leaders Having On Your People And Their Performance?

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

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Leaders in a business have a significant impact on staff and this plays a key role in staff performance and organisational success.

There are times when leaders lose their way and from either a personal or interpersonal perspective, the impact they have on staff is not ideal. When this happens it needs to be arrested or the fallout can be significant.

There are many reasons that this can happen but often their personal state underpins their interpersonal behaviour. The leader may be going through a phase where they are overly stressed, distracted or have lost their motivation or mojo. When this happens it can impact on their emotional state and their behaviour and this in turn can lead to demotivated or disengaged staff.

When any leader has lost their way the key is that you can’t just wait for things to come right. You need to create an environment where there is open dialogue on the impact of their leadership approach and what needs to happen to ensure this is positive and taps into the discretionary effort of staff, leading to productivity and organisational success.

If leaders get into holes, particularly where their personal or interpersonal soft skills are a factor, consciously addressing this will pay dividends.

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