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Does your Leadership Team Trust Each Other?

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Two simple questions to check executive team trust levels

The existence of a good level of trust between executive team members underpins a team’s ability to make decisions quickly and objectively. When the level of trust is low, politics and personal agendas impair the ability of the team to be as effective and successful as it could be. The leader plays a key role in ensuring trust levels are built and maintained.

Take a moment to consider your team. Do you believe that your team members:

a) trust that one another’s intentions are good; and
b) trust in the ability of all team members to deliver results

If you can genuinely answer “Yes” to both it is likely that a high level of trust exists within the team. This provides the platform for the team to operate at it’s most effective. However, if you have your doubts, then it is worth considering what you can do to improve trust levels to enable improved team performance.

In our work with leadership teams, we uncover the areas that will enable the team to work at an even higher level. In our experience, when trust issues are uncovered and improved, there is a corresponding and very significant improvement in the executive team’s ability to operate and deliver results.

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