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Senior Team Performance – The Importance of Having a Clear Organisational Vision and Strategy

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

As with any important venture in life, it is important to know broadly where you want to get to and how you plan to get there. Without that clarity your progress will be ‘hit and miss’ at best.

Leadership teams are no exception and it is particularly important for teams at this level to invest the time and discipline to regularly review and agree the organisation’s vision, strategies and objectives. To start with, the members of the team should be crystal clear on where they and the Board want the organisation to be at a certain time in the future and the broad measures that will define success. This organisational vision can be high level and the period of time it covers will vary depending on the nature of the organisation. In fast moving environments, a vision for a period of one year may be appropriate whereas in environments where any change requires significant regulatory change and/or capital investment, the period covered by the vision will be longer. In addition to establishing a clear vision, the members of leadership teams need to agree and be clear on the core strategies the organisation will use to achieve the vision.

Being clear on and communicating the organisational vision and strategies will help the leadership team and others in the organisation build shorter-term goals that dovetail with the longer-term focus. Without this higher level of clarity, the goals and objectives of a business will have a shorter-term focus and be less likely to set the organisation up for sustained, long-term success.

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