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Managing Conflict in Leadership Team Meetings

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

In any leadership team there are a variety of views on important matters and one important function of meetings is to allow those views to be candidly and freely expressed. Too often however, views are not stated in this way because of fear of conflict, and yet conflict is not an inevitable outcome.

Where a culture of trust and mutual respect is developed the expression of contrary views in leadership team meetings does not lead to conflict but rather a better understanding and more effective decision-making. It also leads to a higher level of commitment to those decisions.

There are many ways to develop the required level of trust and respect. One of the more powerful ways is for leadership team meetings to focus on areas of agreement as much as disagreement. Often businesses focus on conflict as a way of gaining clarity – yet there is much clarity to be gained by identifying fundamental areas in which leadership team agree and once that is established to have a frank and open discussion on areas of disagreement.

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