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Successful Leadership Team Development – Focus on High Leverage Points

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Successful leadership team development requires the team to discover and positively influence the things that drive their effectiveness (enablers) and the things that hold them back (disablers). This creates the foundation for improved leadership performance. Yet all too frequently we notice that teams focus on the symptoms, not the causes, of leadership team ineffectiveness. However, until the underlying enablers/disablers are uncovered is the team able to consciously create a foundation for growth in effectiveness?

Typical symptoms of ineffective leadership teamwork include confused direction, ineffective interaction and a lack of growth, development and learning as a team.

Leadership teams often spend significant time identifying features of successful teams in terms of task processes (i.e. the need for cooperation, participation, commitment to goals etc). There is an underlying assumption that once identified, other teams can simply imitate these processes, and successful teams will be created. However, the real source of creating a great team lies in a development process that creates the fundamental conditions that allow effective task processes to emerge organically – conditions that cause members to engage in the processes wholeheartedly. A team that is ’emotionally intelligent’.

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