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Leadership Team Dynamics – The Stepshift Approach

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

The costs incurred by businesses, both financial and emotional, when senior people are not working effectively as an leadership team, are significant.

When organisations wish to achieve new levels of performance and growth, the dynamics of the leadership team are critical. Their collective energy is required to get an organisation moving in a new direction, or to lift the organisation to a new level of success.

Our approach for changing team dynamics and improving effectiveness is as follows:

  1. Background. Clearly identify what has been occurring within the team, what has been working and not working, what has been supporting and impeding relationships and team goals.
  2. Openness and Honesty. Facilitate a forum in which team members can be open and honest. This openness and honesty provides the foundation for the relationships that support new levels of teamwork and performance.
  3. Direction. Achieve team ‘buy-in’ to the direction, focus, guiding principles and outcomes for moving forward.
  4. Measurement of Progress. Ensure the team puts in place specific performance measures to assess their progress in key target areas.

Leadership teams have a significant influence on business performance, not least because of the influence they have on their people.

Organisations wishing to drive better performance and results can best achieve traction by starting with their senior leadership team. If the answer to the question, “Is our leadership team working effectively?” is not a resounding “Yes”, then there are huge benefits as the team and the business address this.

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