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Honesty is the Foundation for Leadership Development

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

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I get asked a lot by clients how to deal with challenging situations in relation to staff / manager performance or behaviour. For example:

  • The future star lacking work ethic
  • The aspiring leader who lacks emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • The manger who is underperforming

Invariably the key foundation stone that makes change a strong possibility is honest dialogue. Honest dialogue delivered in a caring way, as opposed to a judgemental way. Let’s face it, finding a way to have open dialogue with individuals provides them with an opportunity to improve their performance and advance their career. Why would you want to hinder their performance or career development by delaying that communication?

Take a few minutes now to reflect on who would benefit from that open and honest dialogue in your organisation and find a way to do that yourself, or if it’s more appropriate, invite a third party to get involved. Either way, as a leader don’t just tolerate situations like this, create an environment where change is a possibility and ensure it all starts with open dialogue.


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